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Amias Norwood: sim - TS2

Here he is, as promised! :D The dude I created using Pooklet’s randomization method is now available for download ^____^ his name is Amias Norwood, aaaandddd… he doesn’t have a proper background story, so feel free to come up with one for him XD so far, I can tell you that he likes black hair & supernatural creatures and that he dislikes bad smells U___U

Cadence hair Nymphyed for AM & AF - TS3

Time for a long overdue TS3 upload! ^___^
This is Stealthic’s Cadence hair, converted for TS3 by simswayhere and retextured by me using a mix of Nymphy’s curls and Pooklet’s textures. The hair has been enabled for both males and females and it works for teens to elders. The file has been compressorized to reduce size.

or HERE(Mega)