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Sintiklia Crazy Days hair - TS3

Lots of downloads, today! :D Some more stuff for TS3, now: this is an edit of Sintiklia’s Crazy Days hair. I made a retexture and resized the mesh a bit… adding a version for guys too :D The animations/bone assignments are the same as the original mesh. Thanks to Sintiklia for allowing me to edit the hair! :)

DOWNLOAD HERE  (Mediafire direct download)

Hair dump - TS2

I’m still alive! And here’s a little TS2 hair dump :D I was bored today, so I decided to finish some of the retextures I had in mind… with a little bonus as well and super crappy previews! Here’s what you’re getting:

Cazy Hair 93 for males, converted for TS2 by Rented Space & retextured by me. I did a little bit of experimenting with this one aaaaaaaand… decided to try and make my own textures. Which ended up looking kinda like Pooklet’s anyway, at least on the finished hair, oh well .__. Mesh included :D Cazy Hair 85 for males, recently converted for TS2 by Cazy in person :) mesh *not* included, you’ll have to download it here.

Newsea Siren Forest Hair, shortened & pookleted for both males and females. Basically, that’s the same thing I did for TS3, only this time you get it for girls as well, just in case you want the retextures/edits to match :D credit to Yuxi who converted the mesh for guys (which is included, as well as Trapping’s female mesh for all ages!) They a…

Time Lord Hair - TS3

So… *deep breath* here we go: a TS2 to TS3 conversion for your guys! :D Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit nervous about sharing this: it’s my first hair conversion *ever*, and it is still not 100% perfect, so please be kind with me D:

Newsea Lightyear retexture for AM - TS3

Aaaaaaaaaaaand… another gender switched hair! :D this has been converted for males in TS2 a while ago, and I figured why not having it in TS3 as well? 8) So, here you go: Newsea Lightyear, pookleted for males. EA control by Anubis, works for teens, adults and elders.

DOWNLOADHERE (Mediafire direct download)

or HERE(Box)

Happy simming!

Edward Scissorhands inspired top for AM - TS3

Finally ready! :D Soooooo… as previously mentioned, an Edward Scissorhands inspired top for your guys. Works for YA/AM and has one recolourable channel. Textures are from EA Movie Stuff, though you won’t need it for the top to work 8)

DOWNLOADHERE(Mediafire direct download)

or HERE (Box)

The black gloves are from base game and are not a part of the top. The “scissors” are actually Cloudwalker’s Freddy Krueger claws :D The pants you can see in the preview are from the Store :) as usual, let me know if something is broken. Have fun! <3

Trash! Alternative style - TS3 lot

Aaaaaaaaaaaand… 300 followers gift! :D Remember the Trash? Yep, that’s it! I finished it earlier than I thought… so, since it was also requested, I thought it could have been nice as a gift for you guys :) pics, info and download under the cut!