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Peter Steele sim - TS3

Back again after ages! Apparently, looks like my "shiny new computer" doesn't want to let me use the Photoshop .dds plug-ins, so that my career as clothing/tattoo maker for TS3 is basically finished until I learn how to use some other software to handle that kind of file. Something that is taking me more time than I'd like, lol.
At least... I can still work on sims :D So, here we go: here's something I started working on *ages* ago (sounds new, heh?). I'm not sure it's 100% perfect, to be honest, but I got quite a few requests for him on Tumblr, so I guess I'd finally go and upload him.
Ladies and gentleman... Peter Steele sim up for download!
With my best wishes for a merry Christmas, also :)

As usual, the sim comes packaged with default skin, hair and clothes, but you will still find his custom content and sliders INCLUDED with the download.

In case I forgot to include anything in the upload, here's the full CC list:
Skin by Navetsea